Vatican's two sided views on infertility

Cindy Wooden's article in the March first edition of the Catholic Spirit on the Vatican's infertility workshop demonstrates that the Catholic church holds two different views on infertility that it uses to its advantage when the situation suits it.  Now, now, don't get me wrong; the fact that the church is trying to help infertile couples is a good thing.  It's just that they use infertility to their own advantage in such different ways, that's the problem.

What they don't say in the article is what they tell a couple (a man and a woman) when they can't help them have children and they remain infertile; get a church sponsored divorce?  I certainly hope not.  The church certainly cries wolf on same sex marriages when they say that gay and lesbian couples shouldn't be married becuause they can't have children. (Hey that's the whole reason why the church says that couples get married, isn't it?  It has nothing to do with that "love" thing.)  However, they don't say that they encourage married men and women to do the same.

Archbishop wants prejudice in the Catholic church

In his comments in his President's 'compromise' article in the March 1st issue of the Catholic Spirit the Archbishop would like the government to allow the church to be prejudicial in its dealings with its employees of public entities that it owns .  Under the disguise of "religious freedom" the archbishop puts forth the argument that the all of the church's entities should be excempt from law requiring insurance companies to provide contraceptive for all (repeat all) employees.

Good and Bad News from the Archdiocese

I have to compliment the the archdiocese for reporting some good news for a change in their February 16th issue of the Catholic Spirit.  Washington state is now among the enlightened that allows individuals of the same sex who love each other and want to commit their lives together to get married.  California courts also struck down the the ban on same sex marriages.  They did it becuase they said it violated the constitutional rights of gay men and lesbians in California (this little but important fact was not reported by the Catholic Spirit).  Who says that there's no hope out there!

There were some excellent articles in this issue. There was an excellent article on the gap between the rich and the poor in  this country.  It was well written and didn't try to bash anyone over the head like so many articles in the Catholic Spirit do.  There was even a nice article about a doctor who bought his wife and seven kids to serve in a small hospital in Africa. This is what the Catholic Spirit should do more of in its news articles.

Marriage Amendment II the Sequel: Thumbs Down Review

I feel like I’m watching the same tired and worn out B movie sequel for the fifteenth time reading articles in the latest issue of The Catholic Spirit. The archdiocese is re-releasing its tattered theatrical film on the Minnesota marriage amendment trying to convince every one of the evils of same-sex marriage.  It’s the same old mixed bag of scare tactics and worn out arguments that sound like the Night of the Living Dead 5 that just doesn’t make any type of relevant argument.  In addition, the plot isn’t that good, the script is full of clichés, and the actors can’t deliver their lines very well.

The Archbishop acknowledges a Womans Right to Choose

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis finally acknowledges that women have the right to choose to have an abortion, or at least it started out that way. In his most recent article in the Catholic Spirit (Oct. 13, 2011), Archbishop Nienstedt talks about a real story about one woman’s “choice” to give her child up for an adoption rather than have an abortion. His initial emphasis is on her “choice” rather than chastising her for even thinking about an abortion. Nice going your most worhipfulness, if you would have left it at that.
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