LCWR Maintains a Reality Check on Church's Assessment

Archbishop's Nienstedt and Bishop Blair continue to try and defend the Catholic Churches attack on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in a McCarthyism type (oops, that slipped in there) assessment by the Committee (oops did it again, the Congregation) for the Docrine of the Faith (CDF) in the July 19th issue of the Catholic Spirit.  Contrary to Archbishop Nienstedt's belief, the secular media doesn't delight or take every opportunity to make the Catholic Church look bad, the church manages to do that all by itself.  By continuing to contradict themselves, and in their attacks of the LCWR to keep it under control of the Party (my bad, the Church), the church exposes itself to the media for what it really is: a hierarchical structure that represents an institutionalized form of patriarchal domination that cannot be reconciled with the Gospel (right on Sister Sandra Schneiders).

Let me cite just a few areas of concern in the Church's assessment of the LCWR.

Federal Courts overturn sections of DOMA

The First U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the provision of the 1996 federal law in May called DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) that denies same sex marriages by defining marriage as "a legal union" between a man and a woman.  Their decision ensures that same sex marriages receive the same benefits from the federal government as heterosexual marriages do. 

Catholic Church redefines love to deny Homosexuals the right to marry.

In the May 10th issue of The Catholic Spirit, Deacon Steven Jones tries to justify the Catholic churches view on homosexuality in his article "Friendship with Jesus requires love and respect for his commands" by trying to convince everyone of what it means to love someone.  He tries to say that many (implying those who rally in support of the right of homosexual persons to marry) have created their "own definition of love, and it does not include what God has revealed."  He further states that God wants us to "respect his desires by knowing him and following his wishes."  While this makes for a great public relations campaign for the mother church it mixes mom and apple pie with misleading bible quotes taken out of context to support their cause.

A Connection Between Marriage and Religous Freedom that Doesn't exist.

Father Dan Griffith tries to use some loosely tied ethereal connection between religious liberty and (the Catholic view of) marriage using the same old worn out arguments the Catholic Church has been using for, well, decades.  In his April 26th article in the Catholic Spirit he tries to make his “connection points” between marriage and religious freedom:
  • Both marriage and freedom are gifts given by God.  (Interesting that Father Dan does not say ‘religious freedom’ here.  Well, there’s conclusive evidence, there’s no way someone can dispute the ‘God’s gift’ argument.  I am sure that the Constitution of the United States had nothing to do with it.)

'Fortnight' for Freedom is Really Freedom to Discriminate

The April 26th Catholic Spirit front page article on the ‘fortnight for freedom’ is just another attempt by the Catholic Church to bend the will of the government to its own image.  In light of the recent Health and Human Services mandate that prevents the Catholic Church from discriminating against its employees, the Catholic Church is attempting to distort the political situation to incite the Catholic faithful into frenzy.  The article does this by the usual Church method of misrepresenting situations to portray the Catholic Church as the victim:
  • Immigration laws in several states that prevent the harboring of undocumented immigrants. (The Catholic Church cannot hide someone whose breaking the law and must turn them over to authorities. It’s what everyone else has to do.)
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