A Connection Between Marriage and Religous Freedom that Doesn't exist.

Father Dan Griffith tries to use some loosely tied ethereal connection between religious liberty and (the Catholic view of) marriage using the same old worn out arguments the Catholic Church has been using for, well, decades.  In his April 26th article in the Catholic Spirit he tries to make his “connection points” between marriage and religious freedom:
  • Both marriage and freedom are gifts given by God.  (Interesting that Father Dan does not say ‘religious freedom’ here.  Well, there’s conclusive evidence, there’s no way someone can dispute the ‘God’s gift’ argument.  I am sure that the Constitution of the United States had nothing to do with it.)
  • Both marriage and religious freedom existed prior to the state and are not privileges that the government grants and can take away at will.  (Misleading alert! The government is not taking them away from anyone, nor has any government ever stated that they are taking them away.  P.S. same sex marriages have been around since ancient times in Greece and Rome before the Catholic Church so we should honor them too.)
  • Marriage and religious freedom involve the very constitutive dimension of the human spirit. Marriage allows spouses to be co-creators with God, and religious freedom allows humanity to pursue truth aided by grace.  (Yeah, every time those ninety year old couples get married, the first thing they are thinking about is being co-creators in bringing forth new life.   Hey, no one has ever said that you can’t pursue truth aided by grace.  Did anyone see that in the Health and Human Services mandate?  I didn’t think so.)
  • Marriage and religious freedom flow from the dignity of the human person and contribute positively to the common good. (Hey, you’re right on the money with this one!   Any marriage, same sex or heterosexual, where two people love each other flows from the dignity of the human spirit and positively contributes to the common good.)
  • Many legal scholars have noted that one of the most significant effects of the re-definition of marriage will be the diminution of religious freedom.  (Many legal scholars have also said just the opposite.  I guess it all depends upon how a select group tries to define ‘religious freedom.’)
Looking at these types of connection points makes me wonder about a lot of things.  You know, like the conection points between Richard Nixon and Abraham Lincoln.  Haven't you ever noticed these things? The number of letters in Richard Nixon’s name is twelve and by sheer coincidence is the same number of months in the year Nixon was born and Abraham Lincoln died.  Lincoln liked playing checkers; Nixon had a dog named checkers.  Ok, ok, you get the idea.  You can make a connection point with anything if you try hard enough, and the Church can't even do that.  Frank Burns in the movie M*A*S*H always said that “it’s God’s will” whenever he wanted to justify something to conform to his reality.  Father Dan is doing the same thing for the Catholic Church.