'Fortnight' for Freedom is Really Freedom to Discriminate

The April 26th Catholic Spirit front page article on the ‘fortnight for freedom’ is just another attempt by the Catholic Church to bend the will of the government to its own image.  In light of the recent Health and Human Services mandate that prevents the Catholic Church from discriminating against its employees, the Catholic Church is attempting to distort the political situation to incite the Catholic faithful into frenzy.  The article does this by the usual Church method of misrepresenting situations to portray the Catholic Church as the victim:
  • Immigration laws in several states that prevent the harboring of undocumented immigrants. (The Catholic Church cannot hide someone whose breaking the law and must turn them over to authorities. It’s what everyone else has to do.)
  • Discrimination against Christian students on College campuses.  (Are they referring to Christian Legal Society v. Martinez?  If so, the Supreme Court decision stated that the Christian Legal Society, a recognized University of California, Hastings organization, cannot discriminate against individuals because of their status.  In other words, they cannot pretend to be an "open" group on campus and then discriminate against students bcause they are gay.)
  • Government actions in various cities and states have driven the Catholic Church out of the adoption and foster care business because they won’t place children in same-sex or unmarried heterosexual couples.  (This is where the “duh” rule applies.  The church cannot act as a public adoption agency and then discriminate against potential adoptive parent(s).)
  • A New York City rule that prevents church organizations from renting public schools for worship services, while allowing such rentals by nonreligious groups.  (You mean nonreligious groups have weekend worship services?  Another application of the “duh” rule here.  How can the Catholic Church imply that a nonreligious group would have a weekend worship service?  I suppose maybe if the group were Vikings fans watching a Vikings game; that might fit their definition.  Besides, remember that little section about the separation of church and state in the constitution?)
  • Changes in Federal Grants for human trafficking grants that require Catholic agencies “to refer for contraception and abortion services in violation of Catholic teaching.” (Here we go again with the Catholic Church leaving out a few key facts.  These are grants to help victims of “sex trafficking”, a little point the article left out.  The church was denied a grant because Health and Human Services said it had a preference for “organizations that would ensure that victims had access to information and referrals for the full range of health care services in the funding announcement for these grants.  The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops indicated it could not meet that standard.”  You can’t provide full health care coverage, you don’t get the grant.  The church just wants to be able to discrimiate against those it serves by not providing contraception and abortion.)
Oh well, I guess one bishops religious freedom is another layman's discrimination.  The archbishop wants the fortnight of freedom to be “an opportunity for Catholics to truly understand what is at stake here.”  I hope that it's an opportunity for the Archbishop to see what the Catholic Church is doing to Catholics.